About Us


Brooks Atelier was born of a love of horses, saddlery and fine leather goods, and has become a passion project to shape and transform sumptuous leathers into luxurious staples. The hallmark of our work lies not only in attention to every detail but also in an intuitive understanding of the symbiosis between form and function. Every creation is a harmonious marriage of opulence and utility, where sumptuous leathers sourced from the most distinguished European tanneries meld seamlessly with design elements. Each piece is designed in-house and handmade, stitched in the traditional, artisanal way with the iconic two needle saddle stitch.

We believe that it's worth taking the time and care to make fine leather goods by hand, and that a handmade item is an object to treasure. Time-honored techniques connect us to the history of leatherwork, while contemporary designs and new materials set us apart.

Brooks Atelier is located in the beautiful and inspirational Pacific Northwest.